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Scope and Responsibility of IT Oversight Committee

  1. Oversight IT Strategy, IT Management and IT Operations by
    • Review IT strategy at least annually to ensure:
      - The alignment of IT strategy and Bank’s strategic direction
      - IT infrastructure is flexible, reliable, and scalable to support the business changes including new technology adoptions
      - The readiness or maturity level of Information Technology including capabilities to manage and mitigate IT and cybersecurity risks
    • Monitor the progress of strategic and high-risk IT-related projects
  2. Oversight IT Risk Management of both normal and crisis situation by
    • Review IT Risk Management Policy at least annually
    • Oversight operating model and organization structure according to three lines of defense principle
    • Monitor risk levels, effectiveness of IT risk management and significant factors/ issues as well as rectification actions
  3. Oversight IT investment and expenditures budget to ensure the alignment with Bank’s strategy
  4. Oversight development programs for staffs to have sufficient knowledge on Information Technology and IT Risk awareness
  5. Perform other duties as regulatory requirements