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Scope Responsibility of Nomination, Remuneration, Corporate Governance Committee


  1. Review and recommend to the Board policies, criteria and methods, including an appropriate skills matrix, for the recruitment selection and nomination of
    (a) Members of the Board
    (b) Members and chairpersons of each Board Committee
    (c) Representatives of the Bank as directors, chairpersons and chief executives of companies which are subsidiaries or where the Bank is entitled to nominate one or more representatives as director
    (d) Senior management
  2. Screen, shortlist and propose to the Board for nomination or appointment qualified candidates for the positions mentioned above.
  3. Recommend to the Board appropriate succession plans for senior management.
  4. Review and monitor the implementation and effectiveness of the policies, criteria, methods and plans referred to above and report thereon to the Board at least annually.


  1. Review the overall remuneration structures policies and practices of the Bank as well as oversee the public disclosure thereof, including those on benefits, performance evaluation, incentive awards and severance payments, to ensure they are consistent with the decisions of the Board and the Bank's culture, objectives, strategy and control environment, promote long term shareholder value, and take fair account of the roles, responsibilities, management of risk and performance of the individuals concerned, and of market benchmarks for fairness of all parties ; and make recommendation to management and the Board as appropriate.
  2. Recommend to the Board (subject to further approval by the shareholders where required) the amount of actual remuneration and benefits of members of the Board and of Board Committees.
  3. Approve (or in the case of the CEO of the Bank recommend to the Board for approval) the actual remuneration and benefits, including any incentive award or severance payment, of senior management.

Corporate Governance

  1. Review and where appropriate recommend to the Board changes to applicable policies, codes, rules and guidelines including those governance, sustainability and culture to ensure the highest standards of good corporate governance and ethics in line with best international practice, and supervise, monitor and report to the Board at least annually on the implementation and effectiveness thereof.
  2. Recommend to the Board the appropriate size and composition of the Board and Board Committees, and the mandates of each Board Committee.
  3. Recommend to the Board policies criteria and methods for the periodic evaluation of the performance of the Board and Board Committees, implement the same and report the results to the Board.

Other Responsibilities

  1. Undertake such additional tasks as are related to and considered by the NRCC to be necessary to achievement of the foregoing responsibilities or as may be assigned to it by the Board
  2. Make such reports and disclosures on its work to the Board, regulators, shareholders and the public as are required by applicable regulations or deemed appropriate in the interests of good governance.