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Card Benefits

No 2.5% FX Markup Charge
The only card that offers a cost-effective way of spending with the exemption of 2.5% charge on foreign currency purchases. Cardholders can enjoy the privilege shop through any channels, thus saving your money whilst earning TMB Rewards Plus points.
Earn more points from online spending equivalent to 12.5 Baht = 1 ROP Mile
Earn 2 TMB Rewards Plus points for every 10 Baht spent with through online category and redeem rewards faster plus airline flight equivalant to 12.5 Baht = 1 ROP Mile (Except spending or top-up via e-wallet, direct debit , bill payment, and purchase insurance online).
Earn points faster
Earn 1 TMB Rewards Plus point for every 10 Baht spent with TMB Absolute Visa Signature card both domestically and overseas in other categories under conditions including insurance premium payment. Except the spending at merchants in European Economic Area (EEA) countries is not received TMB Rewards Plus point
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Visa Concierge Service and privileges from Visa Signature
Exclusive privileges for TMB ABSOLUTE Visa Signature Cardholders at leading worldwide merchants for more information please visit Moreover, During your overseas trips, some unforeseen problems may occur. In order to keep on the move, you can contact VISA Signature Customer Center or VISA Global Customer Assistance in that country by a collect call. The service is available throughout 24 hours.

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Exclusive Travel Benefits
Another privilege designed to enrich your travel experiences.TMB ABSOLUTE Visa Signature Cardholders can enjoy access to over 1,000 airport lounges (LoungeKey) around the world and relax in privacy with complimentary food, refreshments and all kinds of comforts provided to make your travel even more meaningful. This privilege is available twice a year. Learn more about the terms and conditions at
Traveling Insurance
Feel safe and stress-free away from home with maximum insurance protection of 16,000,000 Baht in coverage for the whole members of your family when you pay the traveling costs, tickets or tour packages either domestically or overseas with TMB ABSOLUTE Visa Signature

Other Benefits

TMB So GooOD Installment Plan

Whichever shop and whatever you wish to buy, we provide you with installment payment options between 3 months at 0% interest or 6 months or 10 months at special interest (minimum 1,000 Baht or more/sale slip).

VISA payWave

Quicker and easy…just a Wave, no swiping and no signing required for a maximum spending 1,500 Baht/sale slip
More confident…receive notification message via SMS or TMB TOUCH for every payWave spending

Instant Cash Advance

Cash advance up to 100% of your credit line. Enhance financial flexibility with cash advance

Online Purchase Transactions

TMB Cardholders who make online purchases are entitled to the protection in case the goods ordered are lost or do not meet the specification at the minimum amount of 1,000 Baht / time. The chargeback shall be based on the goods value capped at 5,000 Baht/time, totaling 10,000 Baht/year.

Exclusive service via TMB TOUCH

Allow you to manage your money faster, smarter and easier

  • Temporary credit increase
  • Credit Card and personal loan application
  • Credit Card payment and other bill payment
  • Credit Card activation
  • 0% 3 months TMB So GoOOD Installment Plan without limiting the number of transactions
  • Block Card and request new card
  • Request for cash advance PIN / new PIN
  • Cash advance into account
  • Redemption of TMB Rewards Plus points

Applicant's Qualifications for TMB ABSOLUTE Visa Signature

Thai Citizens

  • Age 20 - 65 years old (for Supplymentary Card age 18 years old and above)
  • Minimum monthly income 100,000 Baht/month
  • Job longevity more than 4 months of tenure for employee
  • Year in business more than 2 years for business owner


  • Age 20 - 65 years old (for Supplymentary Card age 18 years old and above)
  • Minimum monthly income 200,000 Baht/month
  • Job longevity more than 4 months of tenure for employee
  • Work Permit in Thailand or
  • Wealth Banking Customers of TMB


  • Age 20 – 99 years old
  • Thai Citizens and residence in Thailand only
  • Hold either one of products or combine products worth 2,000,000 Baht and above for TMB ABSOLUTE Visa Signature and/or
  • Deposit TMB Fix account and/or
  • Deposit TMB Savings Account and/or
  • TMB P/N, B/E, Debenture, TMB Bond and/or
  • Mutual Fund from TMBAM eastspring
    or Aberdeen Standard Asset Management (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. (Aberdeen)
    or UOB Asset Management Co.,Ltd. (UOBAM)
    or CIMB-Principal Asset Management Co.,Ltd (CIMB Principal)
    or Manulife Asset Management (Thailand)Co.,Ltd. (Manulife)
    or Other Asset Managent Companies that TMB is representative
Note: In case the applicant has accumulated deposits and/or investments of 2 million Baht or above with TMB, but dated back less than 6 months from the application date, the applicant can provide copies of other Bank Statement and/or Investment Statement and/or Bond Certificate such as Government or Corporate Bonds or Debentures, or any evidence to prove the continuity of wealth of at least 6 months.

Apply TMB ABSOLUTE Visa Signature Card