Agency Services

Agency Services


Whether your business is large or small, you can be confident with our service

TMB provides value-added agency services to corporate and individual clients from private to public sectors, both onshore and offshore service including execution and all consequential administrations, relating to executed agreements

Facility Agent Services

  • Acting as the facilitator and/or coordinator for all involved parties of relevant agreements and/or documents
  • Acting as the calculating agent of any project finance or syndicated loan to ensure proper, punctual and accurate payments of interest and principal from debtors to lenders (both onshore and offshore)
    • Ensure that all related parties comply with the terms and conditions and all legal obligations, stipulated in the loan agreement and related agreements/documents 
    • Authenticate, validate, and verify all documents and warranties, prior to each draw down
    • In case of amendment, cancellation of the agreement and/or documents, acquiring necessary consents from all involved and authorized parties
    • Other services as shall be mutually agreed by all involved parties

Security Agent

  • Custodising and upholding values of collateral assets for an on behalf of debtor or lender or both
  • Legally secure or pledge of security for and on behalf of debtor or lender or both
  • Other services as shall be mutually agreed by all involved parties

Restricted Deposit Account Services
Facilitate both buyer and seller by acting as agent (restricted deposit account) to ensure the buying party deposits the fund to restricted deposit account and transfers the fund to seller party when all term and conditions written on the agreement are carried out

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