Registrar and Paying Agent Services

Registrar and Paying Agent Services


Registration database and interest payment is hassle-free

With approved and authorized by the Office of Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), being a member of the Thai Security and Depository (TSD), together with our solid experiences in the Registrar and Paying agent field of service, TMB is able to provide variety of related services, including but not limited to the registration of scripless financial instruments.

In order to reduce the complexity of preparing the registration database over the term to maturity, as well as expedite and increase the accuracy and punctuality of interest payments to ensure that the registration book contain correct and complete information.

With experience of more than ten years, TMB is now one of the biggest Registrar and Paying Agents in private bond issuance sector in the industry.

Scope of services

  • Recording and registering of movements of registered financial instruments, including transfers, redemptions, pledges, releases of pledge and other transactions, as allowed by laws
  • Issuing of new certificates to the holders, in case of loss, inheritance, damage or splitting
  • As Paying Agent, calculating and issuing of cheques, for and on behalf of the customers (issuer), as well as interest payment as well as principal repayments
  • Preparing of registration and payment reports, which are to be submitted to the client on a periodic basis
  • Serving pledge, cessation and cancellation, as well as withdrawals and the issuance of new share certificates in replacement the lost one.
  • Storing documents with recognized, standardized system

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