F-Cash for Small SME is a credit product designed to provide small enterprises* with funding support in the form of term loan, overdraft (O/D) and letter of guarantee (L/G). The loan is secured by full guarantee from TMB deposit accounts. 
* SME with group income not more than 100.00 MB per year.

Borrower’s Qualifications 

Subject Qualifications
Type of Customers
  • Thai entrepreneurs with business registration and operation within the country.
  • Business location outside Pattani, Yala, Narathivat.
Age of the Borrower 20 – 65 years (Borrower’s age plus with loan duration must not exceed 70 years)
Business Experience 1 year upwards
Financial Record Good repayment record without any financial litigation or bankruptcy cases

Product Criteria 

Subject  Criteria
Credit Amount
  • Not exceeding 35 million Baht* per business group.
  • Including all business loans with TMB.
Type of credit
  • Loan
  • O/D
  • Letter of Guarantee
  • FX Forward
  • Loan: Not exceeding 7 years from the date of loan drawdown.
  • L/G: Depending on the type of guarantee but not exceeding 2 years. 
Interest rates / fees
  • Loan: MRR – 2.25% per year
  • O/D: MRR – 2.25% per year
  • L/G : 1.25% p.a.

Remark  :

  • MRR (Minimum Retail Rate) the lending rate that the Bank charges its prime retail customers.
  • MRR are floating interest rates that are subject to changes. Any modification of these rates shall be announced at every TMB branch and posted on TMB website ( for your information.
  • Letter of guarantee: At least 500 Baht p.a. The guarantee fee will be charged for a minimum 3-month period, the fragment of which will be counted as 1 month. 
Collateral Deposits at TMB savings account or fixed account. 
Collateral ownership

For individuals: Collateral deposits must be owned by the Borrower. 
For juristic persons: Collateral deposits must be owned by either of the following persons:- 

  • The Borrower
  • Authorized director
  • Direct cousin of the authorized director
  • Shareholder holding at least 20% of shares. 
  • If the borrower is a juristic person, personal guarantee must be provided from the authorized director/s and/or shareholder/s in accordance with the signing conditions stated in the company’s Certificate of Registration
  • In case the collateral assets do not belong to the Borrower, the owner of such assets must provide personal guarantee
  • The customer must enter into legal contract within 2 months after the date of credit approval. Otherwise, such approval shall be deemed as terminated.
  • The customer must open a current account and/or savings account with TMB for loan drawdown purpose. 
  • The first loan drawdown must be made within 6 months and the last within 1 year after the date of signing the Loan Agreement. The funds so withdrawn shall be transferred into the Borrower’s account at TMB (in case of co-borrowing, the funds can be transferred to the account of any co-borrower).
  • Loan: The principal and interest payment shall be debited from the Borrower’s current or savings account with TMB as specified in the Loan Agreement. Such deduction shall be made within the last business day of the month starting from the month stipulated in the Loan Agreement.
  • O/D: The interest amount shall be debited at the end of every month from the current account specified in the Loan Agreement.

Fees and Charges 

Type of Fees Rates
Loan processing fee 1.5% of the approved amount.
Extension fee for loan drawdown and/or repayment 1% of the postponed principal.
Loan reserve fee 1% of the principal disbursed behind due date
Stamp duty 0.05% of the contract amount but not exceeding 10,000 Baht.

Product Requirements and Borrower Obligation 

  • Loan: You have to make installment payment in accordance with the amount and date specified in the Loan Agreement. Late payment will incur you a higher expense.
  • O/D: You have to keep your account active. Disbursement must be made within the approved limit and interest must be paid based on the disbursed amount.
  • L/G: You have to pay fee before obtaining the Letter of Guarantee from TMB, and shall return the original Letter to the Bank upon expiry date or fee collection date. 
  • If you have any problem in repaying loan by due date, please inform TMB immediately in order to arrange a new payment term.

What will happen if you fail to observe TMB requirements or perform your obligation? 

  • Loan: In case of overdue debts, a default interest shall be charged at 15.50% of the total amount overdue 
  • O/D: In case the outstanding debt exceeds the O/D line, a default interest shall be charged at 15.50% of the excess amount and you will not be able to use the funds until your debt falls below the approved limit
  • L/G: In case you have not returned the original Letter to TMB for cancellation or TMB has not received a written notification from the Beneficiary to discharge the Bank’s entire liabilities, you have to pay additional fee until TMB will have received the original Letter of Guarantee or been notified by the Beneficiary that the Bank’s entire obligations have been discharged
  • TMB will follow up the Borrower’s loan repayment in accordance with the Bank’s procedures 
  • Set-off: TMB has the right to debit money from your deposit account in order to pay off your overdue debt.
  • If you fail to act in accordance with the Loan Agreement, TMB may revise the terms and conditions of the Agreement and/or suspend /reduce the credit line, or terminate the Loan Agreement and undertake legal proceedings.

Loan Prepayment 

  • Loan: In case of loan refinancing with other financial institution 5 years prior to maturity, you have to pay a prepayment fee at 2% of the loan amount.
  • O/D: In case of loan refinancing with other financial institution, you have to pay a cancellation fee at 2% of the cancelled O/D amount.
  • L/G: Cancellation fee at 500 Baht per document.

Insurance Requirement 

If you wish to protect your business with a life insurance shield via TMB, you can apply for TMB loan in order to pay the insurance premium along with loan repayment under this project.  

Remark: You are allowed to choose the insurance company, broker or agent at your free will. 

Product Risks 

  • Term Loan and Overdraft: The MRR rate is subject to change and may thereby cause the amount or number of your installment payments to increase.
  • O/D: The MOR rate is subject to change and may thereby cause your interest payment to increase.

What to do if your contact information is changed 

You should immediately notify TMB of such change by contacting any TMB branch in order to ensure fast communications.

Contact Channels for Further Enquiry 

Should you have any questions or wish to learn more details, please contact every TMB branch or Business Relationship Center, or call TMB Contact Center at 1558. 

Other Options in the Business Credit Products Group 

  • TMB 3 Times 3 Steps 
  • Assistance loan for payment of insurance premium


The Borrower should make repayment in accordance with TMB’s terms and conditions in order to prevent default record as well as loan cancellation or legal proceedings.