Overdraft: O/D

Overdraft: O/D


An overdraft (O/D) is a short-term revolving credit extended to a business in order to provide convenience for instant access to extra cash in its daily transactions. The owner of the current account with an O/D line can withdraw money in excess of the remaining balance within the pre-approved limit.  

Benefits to the Customers 

  • Improve working capital and liquidity position for the business. 
  • Provide liquidity comfort whenever needed by allowing the customer to write cheques for payment out of the current account with an O/D line. 
  • Repayment can be made immediately whenever there is a surplus in the account, thus reducing the business’ interest expense. 

Interest Rate 

  • Minimum Overdraft Rate (MOR)

Contact Information 

  • TMB Corporate Call Center at phone number 02-643-7000
  • Relationship Manager (RM) or Trade Product Advisor (TPA) 
  • SME Relationship Management Center at phone number 02-828-2828
  • TMB Phone Banking 1558