Cash Collection

Cash Collection


Cash collection is the service conveying cash for corporate customers by the Bank or its representatives from the office/ branch(s), or the place(s) as determined by the company to the Bank or its representative to reconcile and deposit in the TMB’s accounts as ordered and prescribed in the service contract.

Target customers 

  • Juristic persons, i.e. limited companies, partnership companies.
  • Cooperatives
  • Governmental entitie



  • To mitigate risks, reduce workload, and save the company’s costs from paying salary to its employees in cash.
  • The employees will receive salary payment punctually and in a timely manner, eventhough they have the payroll account in other provinces. 
  • The system is highly secured, efficient, and cost-controlled.
  • With high flexibility, the company can change the payment conditions, such as, the payment date to be in consistence with the business operation and comfort of the employees.

Contact Information 

  • Corporate Call Center, Tel: 02-643-7000
  • TMB Phone Banking, Tel: 1558