TMB notifies its Board of Directors of a special dividend

TMB notified its Board of Directors about its plan to issue an interim dividend of 0.03 Baht per share and expected to pay from its 9-month performance.

Mr. Piti Tantakasem, Chief Executive Officer, TMB Bank, PLC, said, “TMB is committed to each and every shareholder’s interest. We deem that the special dividend of 0.03 Baht per share is reasonable and fair for the existing shareholders as well as those who subscribe TMB-T1. The dividend is expected to pay from TMB’s 9-month performance of 2019. After the merger, we believe that the stronger potential of the new bank will allow us to bring the utmost benefit to both existing and new shareholders.”

According to the Bank’s timeline, the ex-dividend (XD) date is tentatively to be November 29, 2019. Then on December 2, 2019 (Record date), at which time there will be both the existing ordinary shares of TMB and the new shares to be issued as a result of the exercise of the TSRs. Therefore, eligible shareholders for the special dividend will include shareholders of record before the XD date and TMB-T1 holders who subscribe for TMB newly issued shares.

Following the Board of Directors’ notification, TMB expects the special dividend to be approved by November 15, 2019.