What is TMB WOW?

Sometimes doing financial transactions is a boring thing. Even you often do bill payment, money transfer but you have never gotten anything return or you might have to pay a fee. Today TMB WOW will change your life. It will change your ordinary transactions to be more fun. You will enjoy and easily collect points through various financial transactions, which later can be easily redeemed for rewards that related to you

Get Start with TMB WOW

You just need All Freee Account and TMB TOUCH. You will be automatically enroll and start earning TMB WOW

TMB All Free






How can you collect WOW?

1. From doing transactions

TMB TOUCH users will easily get WOW from doing transactions such as Bill Payment or So GooOD (6,10 months)

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2. From conquering Trophy

Enjoy trophy conquering that help you to collect WOW faster by collecting TMB products, overseas spending via TMB ALL FREE debit card, using Pay with WOW service or redeeming TMB WOW rewards.

The Collector

Just collect TMB products to earn WOW

The Traveller

Just spend overseas via TMB ALL FREE debit card to earn WOW

WOW Spender

Just burn WOW by using Pay with WOW service

The Redeemer

Just redeem WOW to earn more WOW

Redeeming your WOW

Recommended Rewards

Redeem for Worldwide Travel Insurance up to 15 days. Valued 690 Baht.

Expire: 1 October 2019 - 31 December 2019


Redeem for one-way limousine service

Expire: Valid 1 October - 29 February 2020


Redeem for Asia Travel Insurance up to 7 days. Valued 170 Baht.

Expire: 1 October 2019 - 31 December 2019


TMB WOW - Terms & Conditions


  1. The Bank reserves the right to award TMB WOW for the customers whose banking transactions are made via TMB Touch under the terms and conditions as may be stipulated by the Bank. TMB WOW shall be calculated and credited to the customers’ account within 2 days from the date of the transactions.  
  2. TMB Bank reserves the right to earn TMB WOW only for customers who have been logged into TMB WOW on TMB Touch at least once.
  3. TMB WoW in order to earn the reward or to transfer WOW to a third party can be made solely via TMB Touch. 
  4. The Bank shall consider and assign TMB WOW ID for the customers without allowing them to make any change thereof.
  5. TMB WOW shall be valid for 4 years from the date of receiving such WOW, whereby WOW shall expire at the end of each respective quarter in the 4th year. After such date, WOW shall be deemed as invalid and shall no longer be entitled to any reward. 
  6. Once the customers have already redeemed WOW or transferred them to a third party, they shall not be able to cancel such transaction in order to get back WOW or change the name of the third party or pick a new reward in any case whatsoever. 
  7. TMB WOW cannot be converted or changed into cash.
  8. The Bank reserves the right to change the terms and conditions associated with WOW, reward redemption and/or merchandise items and/or number of WOW required for redeeming the reward, as well as the right to cancel TMB WOW program without having to give prior notice.
  9. The Bank reserves the right to cancel WOW and/or call back the reward and/or request the customers to be liable for the incurred damage based on the value of the accumulated reward WOW. It is also the Bank’s sole discretion to revoke TMB WOW membership of the customers who appear to be involved in fraud, abuse, counterfeit or any other act relating to reward redemption which is contradictory to the Bank’s terms and conditions or make any commercial transaction via TMB Touch in order to earn TMB WOW.  
  10. In the event of disputes or arguments, the Bank’s judgment shall be deemed final.
  11. For more details, please contact TMB Call Center at 1558, or visit www.tmbbank.com/tmbwow

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