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TMB Sustainability Overview

TMB approach to sustainability


Following the major transformation started in 2009, TMB has been continuously growing and has been at the forefront of creating satisfaction for all stakeholders.TMB provides better solutions by continuously introducing new products and services to the market which, subsequently transformed customer experience and significantly raised the overall banking industry standards in Thailand. Not only that, TMB also places a great importance on enhancing internal capability where human resource management, high-performance culture and lean operational processes are the core focus. These factors are the main contributors to the nonstop development of TMB and are rooted within the Bank’s philosophy of “Make THE Difference”.


“Make THE Difference” philosophy does not limit itself solely to TMB. It’s a universal notion that can easily be applied to every aspect of one’s live including industry, society and environment. With TMB’s firm belief in this philosophy, it encourages the Bank to commit to change along with pivoting goals of winning customers’ trust and becoming “the most advocated bank in Thailand”.


In today’s highly competitive and fast-paced environment, banking industry has encountered countless disruptions from rapid advancement of digital technology driven by national strategy of “Thailand 4.0” to major challenges such as the change in consumer behavior that shifts toward convenience and speed as well as the rise of competition from non-bank sectors that is making a compelling argument for customers to switch. However, these challenges can turn into new business opportunities if the Bank can leverage its capabilities and competencies.


As a result, TMB must ensure strategic movements that would not only fulfill short-term goals but also focus on long-term sustainable growth. Thus, TMB Sustainability framework was formulated to enforce sustainability management that is in alignment with the Bank’s vision, culture, strategy and business direction.


TMB sustainability framework


TMB Sustainability framework builds on 4 dimensions from establishing organization sustainability as the foundation, upward to building on industry sustainability, to encouraging environment sustainability and to ensuring social sustainability. All dimensions are closely overseen by sound corporate governance and business ethics to ascertain equality, transparency and fairness to all stakeholders.

TMB has initiated several sustainable development programs to serve as a tool for achieving its sustainability milestones. Please Click for more details on TMB Sustainability Overview 2017.